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Competition Training: Little Moments Matter

Raindrops were falling on my black dobok as I strolled to the dojang for my very first tournament training class. As it fell harder I thought that perhaps I should rush it up a bit so as not to be soaked by the time I got to class.

While waiting to cross a hectic crossway though I noticed motorists taking a look at me standing in the rain in my black uniform and white belt and felt compelled to stand high and pretend that the rain was not bothering me at all. You can't let the art down by not showing great character in a remarkable uniform!

I reached the training hall a bit soggy however with my pride undamaged. Class started and Master Saidi lectured us on the value of competition as a developmental chance. Learn about baltimore boxing at

Requiring a training partner

"Tournament is an opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself" he stated then continued "if I give 100 % then I expect you to do the same. I wish to see your lowest stances and hear your loudest kiai, now is not the time to be shy. Growth occurs when you are out of your convenience zone.”

The Pacific Coast KukSool Won Tournament is several weeks away in Folsom.

My training partner had actually been to an earlier training session with her child so I needed someone different to experiment today.

Types and techniques

We were provided the names and varieties of the kinds and techniques we would be doing. We were likewise taught the best ways to present ourselves to the judges. Rules are a very central element in KukSool Won.

We had a long time to practice our types and then moved on to strategies where we had to face our partners. Only thing was I had no partner so I stood quietly while everybody else paired awaiting my next instruction.

Another student who did not have a partner, a red belt, caught my eye and asked me to join him. Generally we are partnered with students of our own rank.

We were told which techniques to practice and one of them I had actually just learned and the other was brand-new. We began practicing and then it was clear for me to see how efficiently the joint locking techniques work.

A various point of view.

The various groups were asked to perform their methods and seeing the energy displayed by the advanced students was incredible! It resembled remaining in a live martial arts movie!

Oh to be able to fall like that! I would require lots more practice!

Little minutes.

I gathered my shoes and will leave when another black belt Rick stated hi while taking his sword from its scabbard. I had to grin. It was the best tip as to why I was putting myself through this prolonged learning process. My unsatisfied objective of learning a full sword kind and discovering my green fate.

Small minutes matter - specifically when they remind you of big dreams!