What We Cover

Our blog covers all types of topics our readers want to know more about. They literally send us suggestions when we pause writing while searching for ideas. For the topics we may not know enough about, we contact specialists that can help us learn more on the matter and write a comprehensive post about it. Here you will find posts about:

  • Diseases, their symptoms and curing.
    The illnesses we had to cure, those that we just know much about, and of course those you are interested in. There’s so much to learn, as one symptom may carry quite a large amount of information about whether it’s just a temporary sign of exhaustion or a serious alarm. Type a key word such as the name of the disease, and you will find at least one post on the topic.
  • Overall healthcare.
    It’s important to know the basics of healthcare not to be so vulnerable. You can help your body a lot by doing simple things that will prevent you from seasonal illnesses and other diseases that may be rather dangerous. We write about every mean of healthcare, how to implement it, where to go for a consultation, and how often to do it.
  • Environmental problems’ impact on health.
    This is one of the reasons why people get ill so much these days. We breathe air constantly, and sometimes we may not know what dangerous compounds it may contain. We will tell you about them, how you can help the environment and yourself, and what to do if you get ill because of the polluted environment. It’s a shame humans have done so much harm to the place they live in, but now we have to deal with what we have.
  • Medicines, their history and usage.
    Some people say we need no medicine, as our body can regenerate itself, we just don’t use this ability. Others say traditional means of curing are everything we’ve got and there’s no other way to get a disease out of your body. We write about the history of all these beliefs, about the medicines themselves, whether we were given all means of curing by the nature or we need chemicals to help.

All these topics are or will be covered in our blog, so you can see how diverse it is. If you have something you want to be covered, write us a letter. We will consider your suggestion and write a post if we find the topic appropriate for our blog.